Rain gutters play a vital part in protecting your home since they protect it from damaged foundations, garden erosion, and wetness. These things usually result in expensive repairs. As a homeowner, you do not want to deal with these problems.  

Your rain gutter can experience the impacts of the elements after some years. It would start to show indications of leaks. This will greatly depend on a variety of aspects. This includes how often maintenance is performed, the way they gutter installation Victoria BC is performed, and the material used.  


The most popular cause of a leaky gutter is a clog. This can happen in both commercial and residential rain gutter systems. A lot of debris can accumulate if you ignore your gutters. This debris can create a wet mass that clogs up the gutter. You can prevent this problem by simply having routine gutter maintenance at least once every 6 months or after a rainstorm. This will help guarantee that your gutter is working properly.  

Wrong Slope 

Rain gutters need a little of slope to direct rainwater towards the downspout. Unfortunately, if you see that the water stays along the gutters, it can mean that your gutter is sloped incorrectly. If this occurs, the standing water would add more weight to the gutters and will cause them to sag as time passes by. Thus, you’ll soon see water leaking from the gutters. The answer to this problem is simple. You can hire a professional gutter installation company to examine the slop of your gutters. They will then adjust the slope if needed.  

Loose Gutters 

Sometimes, it may be a consequence of hangers that are loose if you spot that your gutters have some leaks. Rain gutters are connected to the roof’s fascia board by the hangers of the gutter, whether external or internal. These accessories have a tendency to get sagged over time. This is particularly true if they’ve got handle the weight of rainwater and wet debris clogged in your gutter. Rainwater begins to leak through the loosen joints. This will cause leaks in the gutter. A professional has to conduct a gutter cleaning service to solve this issue. They’ll have to remove of all the clogged debris and then attach all the gutter hangers to the fascia board.  

Gaps and Holes 

This is an issue that’s extremely common if rain gutters are not properly cleaned regularly and rainwater pooled in several places along the gutter. Typically, this occurs if rust is building up. Holes appear that will lead to severe wetness issues to the property. This problem can also be caused by clogged debris that hasn’t been fixed.  


This problem is often common in galvanized metal gutters. This is especially common at the gutter system’s joints. Gutters have higher possibilities of cracking at braces, gutter nails, or seams when they are exposed to serious weather shifts. To stop this problem, you have to repaint these areas several times a year. This would help prevent the accumulation of rust under the paint layer.